Monday, 14 March 2011

UV Mapping The Monster

So we all took different roles for the whole creation process of the monster. Our roles were as followed Matt modelled the robotic arm, Perri sculpted the monster, James rigged the monster, Nat textured the monster and Will was animating the monster. My job role was to UV map the monster. So myself and James had to wait for Matt and Perri to finish the modelling and sculpting of the monster and its robotic arm, this was so I could begin UV mapping and James could begin rigging. Then Nat had to wait for me to finishing UV mapping so she could texture the monster. Which meant that Will had to wait for Nat to finish texturing and James to finish rigging so he could then finally start animating. So as you could see it was vital that we kept to our mini deadlines that Nat set us because if we didn't then we would end up holding each other up, which would then have an effect on the time we assigned ourselves to finish the project.

The UV mapping of the monster was the most complex UV layout I had ever done. However I thoroughly enjoyed it and I learnt a lot about UV mapping. It took a long time because there were so many little pieces that needed to be sewn to their correct shells. It took a lot longer than I originally expected and I needed a few more days to complete it. Which then had an effect on some of the others and their roles. I used automatic mapping to UV map the monster below is an image of what the UV layout looked like after I did this.

As you can see from the image above I had my work cut out, there were hundreds of little pieces that needed to be sewn to the correct shells so that it was clear to Nat exactly what she was texturing and that the texture would fit the model perfectly. After working around the clock for a fair few days I finally finished and was left with the completed UV layout shown in the image below. 

I am extremely happy with this UV layout despite it being so time consuming I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I think that this UV layout is good enough for Nat to start texturing as you can see what each shell is. If I were to do this again and had more time then I would take more time with the head. The shell of the head is in the bottom right hand corner of the image above and as you can see its not very clear. So I would spend more time editing the UV's making it look more like the head of the monster. 

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