Sunday, 27 March 2011

First Render

For the sound of our piece we are using a fellow student from one of the sound courses at Ravensbourne. He gave us an estimate of how long he needed in order to complete the sound in time for the deadline of the project. Despite not quite having reached a completed standard it has come round to the time when the sound student needed the footage so that he could create the sound. This meant we had to render everything out and create a ruff composite that would allow the sound student to create sounds and a soundtrack that will correspond with the footage.

So we distributed the shots between us and rendered them out, I rendered out shot 8. I came across the problem when rendering that there was a black background, after lots of trial and error it was finally discovered that the image plan that was attached to the camera needed to be deleted. After overcoming this problem shot 8 was then finally rendered. We managed to get everything rendered out and finished the ruff composite just in time to hand to the sound guy.

The next stage is to improve everything and get it to that completed standard, we will then re render and composite the CG with the real life footage.  

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