Monday, 14 March 2011

Mood Boards

So the next task was to create digital mood boards for the texture of the monster and the location. Nat assigned us this task so that we could put our ideas forward as to how we wanted the monster to look texture wise and to show our ideas of the sort of environment we were looking for in terms of setting, lighting and colour.

The idea of the monster was based on a monster from a film called the Black Lagoon. The idea was then developed and the idea was now the monster from the Black Lagoon but he had a robotic arm.  Below is an image of the monster from the Black Lagoon.  

I looked at images and clips of the monster from the Black Lagoon and other swamp monsters and got an idea of how our monster was going to look. Below is my mood board for the textures of the monster.

The mood board above shows a selection of images that I thought would look good as the texture for the monster and its robotic arm. I choose lots of different images of scales and shells as our monster was going to have this hard scaled/ shelled skin. I also tried to find a variety of colours as I wanted to explore different options rather than just stick with the stereotypical monster green. For the images of the metal texture for the robotic arm I looked into different types of metal how some had raised groves, others had a smoother feel and some looking very beaten with holes and chunks missing. I stuck to a traditional silver metal for most of my images. However I did choose one blue metal texture, this attracted my eye because I thought it would work well with the monster's colour scheme, I also liked how it had a damaged look and thought that this would add to the intimidating image of the monster.       

I then selected some images which resembled my idea of the type of scene our piece should be set in and created a digital mood board. Below is the mood board for my ideas of the type of location for our piece. 

I choose these images because they relate to Parkour and give an idea of the sorts of obstacles where our Parkour character could showcase his skills. Parkour also has a very urban theme as it mostly takes place in urban areas. So when it came to selecting images I choose images of areas that gave off an urban theme. That way the main character and the environment match. I also used these images to explore lighting and look at the different effects lighting can have. I took into consideration day and night and how the lighting changed. I did this so that I covered both areas which allowed me to make the conclusion that I preferred our piece to be set in the day. I chose the image in the centre because I think it used the camera well to give a feel of loneliness and venerability in an urban area. Therefore showing my how powerful the camera can be. Overall these mood boards were very helpful as they allowed me to develop my ideas.  

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