Sunday, 27 March 2011

Final Render

Now we have tweaked and improved everything and got it to a standard that we are happy with its time to do our final render. We each picked 2 shots that we are going to render and then composite. The two shots that I chose are shot 7 and shot 8. I chose these shots because they include the dustbin that I modeled. Shot 7 is where the creature acknowledges the bin and throws it at the camera and shot 8 is when the bin goes flying towards the Parkour character and he dives out of the way.

For shot 7 I am going to be doing 3 renders. The first render will be just the bin and its shadow using maya software. The second render will be just the monster and its shadow again using maya software. The third render is going to be the bin and the monster using mental ray. We found that mental ray made the shadows go a little strange, so maya software did the job just fine. Mental ray will render the bin and monster out in a much better quality, after all we want the quality to be as best as it possibly can in order for the monster and the bin to look like they actually exist in the filmed environment. The reason I am doing 3 renders for this shot is because the shadow that comes from the bin needs to be darker than the shadow that comes from the monster, 3 renders will give me the option and allow me to changing the opacity of each shadow when compositing.

Of course I rendered out the bin and monster with and without their shadows at first and then realized this and had to redo the renders. I also had to download a hotfix for maya because the foot of the monster in the animation was going crazy. This then meant that I had to redo the mental ray render of the bin and the monster. So rendering wasn't quite smooth sailing at first.  

For shot 8 I am going to be doing 2 renders. The first render will be the bin with its shadow and I will be using maya software. The second render is going to be the bin without its shadow using mental ray.

Below are images of the maya software render settings that I used and the metal ray render settings that I used.

Maya Software Render Settings Used:

Mental Ray Render Settings Used:

So now the rendering is complete it is time to start compositing!

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