Monday, 31 January 2011


Back again and eager to get working! Most of team W.A.A.R.T have teamed up again, however we now have some new additions therefore deciding upon a new team name. We are now called the Kash Kong Monkey's! Which makes us sound pretty awesome. We learnt from our last project that its best to get started as early as possible, as last time we found ourselves running out of time towards the end. So for this project we've got started early, we have been contacting each other via a message on Facebook and discussing ideas. This is proving to be very helpful and has given us an extremely beneficial head start as it allows more time to create a good quality project.

The title of this unit is ANI204 Post Production and Visual Effects. This unit requires us to assemble some short live action footage that is designed to be integrated with 3D elements. There's the learning part right there, we will be learning how to composite! Which basically means adding 3D elements to live footage. I'm very excited about this unit as I find special effects very intriguing and am generally extremely interested in how the process works and how they are created. Therefore this is going to be something that i am going to thoroughly enjoy learning about. The final piece must have a clear narrative so now all we have to do is come up with an amazing idea and make sure it works as a story.

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