Monday, 31 January 2011

The Idea

We put our heads together to come up with an amazing story, Will got the ball rolling by suggesting the idea of a Parkour chase scene. Myself and the group liked this idea and we all pitched in to perfect a structured story that will work. The basic idea is a man using his Parkour skills to get away from someone who is chasing him. The idea then progressed and it was decided that it would be a monster chasing the man. Lots of different ideas were now floating around about the possibility of the monster destroying the environment as he chases after his prey. But we decided to tone it down a key and not be too prestigious. We had bigger problems to worry about anyway, we needed an ending to our story. We had a group meeting and all started pitching in some ideas about how to end the scene. I put out the idea of the scene turning out to all be in the imagination of someone playing with their toys. I use the word someone as we have not specified who the character is going to be yet. I had the idea that if we used a grown man instead of a child it would hopefully add abit of comic effect. This idea was subconsciously inspired by Toy Story 3 but any how most of the group liked it and thought that it was an adequate ending. Nat had wrote out the first draft of the story and posted it on our group blog. However we then decided upon a final ending so she wrote up the final story concept and posted it on the group blog as well. After several discussions and assessing our options we decided that we would model and animate the monster, we thought we would model some other objects to put into the scene too. It was also decided that we would use real footage of the Parkour man. Now we have our story set, the next step is to find a location that we can use.      

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